Sarala Birla Public School students of std. I, II, VI,VII &VIII had a great day out on 12th Dec 2015.More than 1200 students enjoyed an educational cum fun filled trip with their teachers. The students of std I & II (more than 700 students) had their trip to Ormanjhi zoo to experience the forest life out of their books where as the students from std. VI to VIII made their way to Ranchi Science Center. All the 40 buses of the school plied to these two destinations.

It should be mentioned that the school organizes educational-cum-fun filling excursion trips for the students with a view to develop their cognitive as well as social aptitude through putting them in such ambience where they can watch and discuss things with resource persons outside then classrooms.

At the Ranchi Science Center, the students were received by curator-in-charge Mr.Ram Shankar Choudhary and his assistants. Mr Choudhary and team discussed various scientific models/devices including elyptical tube, sundial gnome, sympathetic swing, turn faster, musical instrument, simple pendulum, interactive sun dial, simple camera, planetary motion, central exhibit water tap, roll of double ended cone, coal mines, steel plant, forests, resources of Jharkhand, local communications, tribal’s, fun science gallery, how things work gallery, computer training hall and many more things which interested the students and enlarged their scientific aptitude.

Picnic followed the visit and music with dance & fun followed picnic.

Students of Std I&II spent joyful hours amidst of environment rich with animals and plants at the Ormanjhi zoo. Filled with excellent and sparking with eagerness, the children ran from cage to cage pointing out at animals with enthusiasm as if all the pictures which they saw in the books materialized at the zoo all of a sudden. From the spotted deer to reindeer, the ostrich to emu and bear to monkey all attracted and gripped the fancy of the little ones. They had a first hand of experiencing of watching the animals and birds from so close. They kept asking about the animals, their habitants and the food they eat. They were accompanied with teachers including the headmistress Mrs. Neena Das and the teacher-in charge Mrs.Resham Prasad.

The learner can learn from dust, stone and wind and a student time should be used in learning thing.